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About Me

I’m a geeky girl gone dirty! I’m of Chinese and African-American descent — “blasian”, “burnt rice”, lol, whatever you wanna call me! I was born and raised in Miami, so I am a true beach princess. I’ve always been focused in graphic and web design in school, but once I moved to Chicago to major in what I love doing, I ran out of money and had to leave school because of it. Here in Miami, I had a friend in the industry who suggested me to Bang Bros. I have a really outgoing attitude so I was like “Why the fuck not?”. So I got the bejeezus banged outta me on a van. And it was soooo much fun. I decided to keep looking for scenes.

I’ve been doing scenes and photoshoots since February of this year and so far the highlight of my career was being featured in a blowjob-centric DVD for Belladonna! I LOVE LOVE LOVE blowing guys, I think most times I’d rather have a dick in my mouth than in my pussy! I actually had my tonsils and adenoids taken out and trained myself to get past my gag reflex. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.  I like to call myself “The Deepthroat Princess”.

Aside from swallowing dix, I’m also pretty well-known for being super in-touch with fans and anyone who wants to talk to me. I hate that “I’m a pornstar and a diva” attitude that some porn chicks have. I wouldn’t be where I am without guys who want to watch me do my thing! I’m super accessible for all of you via my MyspaceTwitter(especially), and this blog, which will soon be accompanied by a paysite.

Only on KimoraKlein.com can you see exclusive candid pics, get updates on my personal life, download extras, and more! Interested in booking me for something? Click here!

Thanks for checking me out!

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