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Jan 16

Happy New Year

Hey everyone! No, I'm not gone forever nor did I retire. I admit, I'm a little bad with updating my website. Things changed a lot since my accident and I've been having to primarily focus on my office day job more than porn for two reasons: I'm not able to travel easily because I work and I have these surgery scars on my hips. Don't get me wrong -- I consider myself VERY lucky that I found out I have a skill set in marketing and sales so I'm doing extremely well at my job and probably make the same (if not more) income there as I would in porn. That, and working at the office is steady, guaranteed money. On top of that I work as a freelance graphic designer since I've been doing that since I was 15 and am holding down a solid contract with a small business.
I really do love getting naked for the world though. You'd know that if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram where I often get bored in the office bathroom…! The most recent DVD I was in was released 5/4/12, "Fresh Booty 2" from Elegant Angel, directed by L.T. If you want it, PLEASE just buy this direct from me autographed, e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . It was hilarious shooting that scene, I left the office early telling them I wasn't feeling good only to speed off to a fancy hotel with my ho-bag, a.k.a. duffel with shoes, lingerie, makeup and baby wipes, hahaha. It was fun, and there's even a little segment talking about how it was the first shoot since my accident. My knees are a little iffy but otherwise I still am the Deepthroat Princess and am still able to take cock like the champ I am. ;)
In other news, it IS a new year and for the first time ever I've actually made some resolution/goal things cause I feel they're necessary.
1. Find a new workout routine to tone
Notice how I said "TONE", I'm not in this to lose weigh per se. I've gained 40lbs in the past year but its all gone to my legs and ass which I'm pretty okay with. I just want to tighten everything up a little.
2. Find 2-3 new friends with benefits
It sucks a lot and I even cried a little but I had to cut a dude out of my life. We had been fucking since maybe '08? The dick was fantastic so I put up with him selling me out and talking down to me every once in a while but I finally realized (with the help of my girl friends) that I'm goddamn Kimora Klein and I don't need to be putting up with shit like that. It sounds really vain and egotistical but it's true. I usually get what I want when I want when it comes to getting laid. HOPEFULLY, it shouldn't be too hard to find a few good men that are great in bed/on kitchen counters/in club bathrooms/backseats that can also hold somewhat intelligent conversation every once in a while.
3. Eat more raw and whole foods
As you should know by now, I'm vegan. I have been since for almost 5 years now. I have become a very lazy vegan though, eating noodles and pasta and not as many fruits and veggies like I should be. I've been watching a lot of food documentaries lately (Vegucated is particularly inspiring) and I realized I may have more energy and less medical issues if I didn't eat such processed garbage. Even veggie burgers are full of filler and sometimes GMO soy. I want to start avoiding eating ingredients I can't pronounce and focus on eating more colorful food and pretty things that grow out of the ground. LET'S GO HUG TREES! No, seriously though. Veganism can be fantastic for you if you do it right, even just a single week out of the month. Research it.</hippiemoment>
4. Read more
Because NPR always suggests and reviews books. I've only read one of said books and I was blown away. I can't stand fiction (I was never on the Harry Potter train as a kid) but I love learning about new subjects. I am a WWII and French history buff, but I also read a lot on the human condition and sociology. Maybe its just me, but I get kinda extra excited when I see great authors on a man's shelf out the corner of my eye while I'm getting hammered and clawing at his mattress. That being said, look out for new books I'll be asking for on my wish list!
5. MOVE!
Ever since the car accident (it was 2 years ago as of Janurary 5th), I had to move out of Sara Jay's apartment and back in with my parents. Mostly because I couldn't take care of myself at all -- couldn't walk. Everything keeps delaying me in moving back out so that I'm closer to my job! I live fucking an entire hour south and drive a total of about 90 miles a day to and from Ft. Lauderdale. The gas is too much money and the drive gives me constant anxiety attacks that I'm gonna get hit by another crazy Florida driver. My childhood friend is looking for a job in Miami so I'm crossing my fingers that she finds a good one and can be my roommate maybe somewhere near North Miami or Aventura because I like that area and want to be by the beach.
That's all the ones I've thought of for now. Do you have any serious resolutions for the year or does that kinda shit matter to you? I'm actually going to focus on goal dates for these things (especially the fuck buddy one, I haven't gotten laid in a hot minute). And here's a tidbit for you that may help you with your resolutions…something I've learned in the sales world: If you set a goal but don't set a date to reach it, you WILL get sidetracked.
Love you all, thanks for sticking by me... and happy new year!
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written by Guido, January 16, 2013
I hope the new year brings you lots of happiness. And you have my best wishes on your resolutions. I don't normally make resolutions but I did make one last year and that was to run at least one half marathon before the year was out. When I finished the run I made in December and tweeted it, you took the time to reply and congratulate me. That meant a lot to me and I really appreciate it. xoxoxo
Mika Tan sent me!
written by Lou, January 17, 2013
Mika Tan talked about your blog. I loved your most recent entry. Hope you continue to recover and that things continue to come your way.
To Guido
written by Kimora Klein, January 17, 2013
Aw thank you! Of course, that's quite the accomplishment anyway and it always feels good to know that someone would high-five ya if they were there. smilies/tongue.gif
To Lou
written by Kimora Klein, January 17, 2013
Yeah, I saw that she RT'd me! I really look up to Mika porn-wise AND for her life experience. I'm flattered! Thanks you very, very much!
Response to Kimora's new blog
written by ByronWozgen , January 18, 2013
Hi Kimora,I'm so glad to see your blog updated again and I enjoyed reading what you had to say! I hope that you're able to meet the goals that you put for yourself on here. I thought the Friends with Benefits one was interesting. But I'm sure that you'll meet someone that will meet your qualifications in that area. I know with time,you'll get back to shooting new content for your site and other companies,and when you do,I'll be there to support you and watch over and over again! I've set some goals for myself and I agreed with your statement that if you don't stick to them,you'll get sidetracked. I wish you the best with your goals and I will be a fan of yours and a friend no matter what.
written by j.d., January 19, 2013
I have like, nine non-fiction books. smilies/wink.gif

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