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May 10

Psychedelically Delicious

Hey all! You know I'm vegan, and that I loooove to get creative in the kitchen! Last time I gave you a recipe for my apple scones. This one is really, realllyy easy, and great as a topping for pizza, pasta, casseroles, salads, whatever! I'm just eating them plain with a fork right now. If you normally don't like mushrooms, THIS will turn you around. Promise. Mushrooms are low in calories (they're usually at least 80% water) and are a fantastic source of potassium. One portobello cap has more than a glass of orange juice! Anyway now that I've educated you about 'shrooms, onward with the dish!
Kimora's Marinated 'Shrooms
8 oz. fresh sliced white mushrooms
1/2 cup olive oil
2 tbsp. vinegar
2 tbsp. lemon juice
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. chopped basil
1/2 tsp. pepper
1 clove crushed garlic (or 1/8 tsp garlic powder)
Basically, you just dump everything on the mushrooms and mix it up really good. I like to put it in lidded Tupperware and shake it up. Then stick it in the fridge to marinate overnight. Done! Now go impress your date with your "cooking" skills. ;)
If you make these, please let me know what you think!
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written by Jake, February 12, 2013
I've been considering going vegan(from vegetarianism) lately, and unless I come up with an arsenal of dishes I can make on the fly, it'll be pretty tough to do especially since I have two new roommates who are meat eaterssmilies/tongue.gif

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