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Jan 04

Video Clip: ‘The Cutest Lawnmower Alternative’

I tweet about Sophie a lot, so I thought I would introduce her to you as well as send out a very important message!

P.S. YES, she has her own cat bed, lol.

Here are some great links!

The Guinea Pig Adoption Network
Guinea Pig Home
The Guinea Pig Rescue
Where to Adopt and Why

You can also google ‘guinea pig + (your city/state)’ to find local rescues and adoptables. Please consider taking in a small furry friend (that can live up to 10 years!)… you’ll be glad you did!

Kimora Klein
Jan 02

New Year’s Eve on South Beach

The following is hangover babble, so if it sounds not-so-put together, you’ll have to excuse me. I needed to write a blog of some kind of substance! Anyway…

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s truly been a pretty wonderful year for me. I’m looking forward for great things to come, and hope that great things come for you too!

Last night my best friend and I took a cab out to see Rye Rye perform at The Delano on the beach as a NYE event. I give kudos to my girlfriend for finding the event, as it was the only free party that I’d heard of.

Kimora Klein
Dec 29

Fucking Jonny Slim

... it was RIDICULOUS! I died and went to heaven at least twice. My scene with Jonny will be the first B/G for my site, and man, did we set the bar high! Check out a little teaser that's sure to have you on the edge of your seat (with your dick out, of course).

Here's a cute post-fucking picture for you, as well as the trailer below! Enjoy!

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