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Apr 02

Super-Secret Comeback!

Guessss what? I'll be getting back into being naked/fucked for you all -- the hiatus is coming to a close! I miss being an exhibitionist, and I miss getting made up at my vanity for scenes. Yes, I've been working 12-hour days with no makeup in a print shop and yes, I have been kind of MIA from the Internet. For that I would like to apologize as I know you all care so much about me! I've been struggling to find time to send love your way with my busy schedule. It looks something like this:

Monday-Friday 7am - 7pm: Work
Saturday-Sunday 7am - 11am: Camming at OnHerCam

But YES, I'll be involved in something SUPER AWESOME soon! It's a secret for now, but it'll be an amazing comeback. And better yet, it's a comeback that involves you directly! It's something that's pretty new and exciting. Also, hott as fuhhh. Confused yet? Don't be. Just prepare your cock for some lovin' from yours truly. ;)

P.S. If you missed it, check out the new free photos I posted in my gallery! I'm getting soaked under a shower. Whoever said you couldn't get dirty while getting clean?

Kimora Klein
Feb 28

Life Update and Tasty Munchies

Hey all! Sorry I've been MIA for a while, I had some personal matters that had to be taken care of. Well, they are still being taken care of and henceforth I am taking a little mini-break from shooting new material. Don't worry, I'm not retiring!

Kimora Klein
Jan 14

Finally In California!

Woah guys, sorry for the lack of updating the blog since the earlier this month. I flew into Los Angeles last night! Things have been so hectic (not that I’m complaining, I’m a busybody and love the change from being stuck in my house).

Las Vegas was ridiculous fun! I stayed in a super huge gigantinormous rented house with Tom Kougar, Karen Kougar, and my new ‘publicist with the mostest’, Noni. I was supposed to shoot lots and lots of new content for my up and coming site but of course my pussy was broken. I conveniently got my monthly cycle the moment I got there, so I didn’t do any shoots other than some sexy photos in and around a hot tub. You’re probably thinking, “Well you could have at least done some blowjob scenes or something!” Well my philosophy is that I should only do photos and video when I am feeling in tip-top shape because I feel that you can really tell when a girl isn’t fully enjoying herself or isn’t at her best. And man, I was sooo not at my best! :[ Not only was I on my period, but I somehow managed to develop sniffles before the trip (Miami got cooooolllddd the other week) and they just did not want to go away! So I'm pretty sure that I'd be all bitchy and crampy and sniffly if I tried to do much any content for the site.

Kimora Klein
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