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Here is where you can find frequently asked questions about me, as well as some extra things I think you should know! Got a question I didn’t answer? Leave a comment and ask! I may post it here.

Where can I find your work?
I have compiled a very convenient list of all sites, magazines and DVDs I’ve been in over at my Links page!

How did you get into the adult industry?
A good friend of mine’s boyfriend works in the industry, and had contacts over at Bang Bros. He wanted to refer me to do a scene for one of their sites. I was very nervous about doing it and it took a while for me to decide to try it. I had a great time, realized how professional the business is (as it IS a legitimate industry) and decided to keep looking for adult work after that. The rest is history!

How did you get your stage name?
“Kimora” came from a security guy over at a club I practically used to live at — because according to him (and a few others), I look like Kimora Lee Simmons. My good friend came up with “Klein”. The alliteration makes it catchy! Kimora Klein Kimora Klein Kimora Klein!

How long have you been doing porn?
My first scene was for BangBus — I shot it in early 2009 and it was published online March 4th, 2009.

How can I get into the adult industry?
You have to be incredibly self-driven and entrepreneurial! I suggest making a profile on a site like SexyJobs.com, or looking through Craigslist for adult casting gigs at first. Big studios and production company contact information tends to be difficult to find. I can possibly help you find you some work if you’re a cute, open-minded young lady. Use my Booking Inquiries
form to contact me!

How much do you make?
Eek! Like most, I would rather not say. All I will say is that I am not on a contract and do not have a set salary.

Where are you from?
Born and raised in Miami! Ethnicity-wise, I am Chinese/African-American.

Are you single?
I am married to the industry.

Can I buy your panties/videos/pictures/a fansign?
Yes, all kinds! Please see the For Sale page. I accept PayPal only right now, but ship worldwide. Fansigns are only $5.46!

Can I book you for a production?
Yes! You will have to speak with one of my agents at Type 9 Models. Please see the Booking Inquiries page.

Can I pay you for sex?
No, no, and NO! I would never jeopardize my body or my career by “escorting” or prostitution. I do however, love light-hearted, non-sexual activities in public places. I am a classy lady and I expect to be treated like that. I’m open to dinner dates*, shopping, going to the movies, bowling (I LOVE bowling!), etc. I do have rates/suggested gifts if you’d like to hang out with me! Please contact me about this via the Booking Inquiries form. If you want to see me naked in action, it’s already all over the internet! ;)

* Why are you vegan? What does that mean, anyway?
Vegans can be seen as what I like to call a “hardcore vegetarian”. Vegans do not consume anything that utilizes animal products. This includes things like dairy, eggs, gelatin, etc. I went vegan in my first (and only) semester of college out of curiosity and for health reasons. I have been vegan since August of 2008. And don’t worry, I don’t get “grossed out” if you eat steak in front of me! I just don’t want any! It is difficult to eat out sometimes, but most restaurants have at least 1-2 vegan menu items or I can ask that something be made without an ingredient. I am a big fan of Chinese, Thai and Indian food as all of these tend to be at least vegetarian-friendly.

Do you go to the gym/workout?
Well this is embarrassing — nope! I really should. But I’m young and blessed with this tight little body of mine. Maybe it’s my vegan diet?

What do you like best about living in Miami?
I love this city so so so much. I feel a connection to the beach, and the psuedo-glam grimy, hipster-infested downtown. I have a lot of memories here, good and bad. As ghetto as it sounds, 305 ’till I die. Seriously.

What’s your favorite...
color? Bright pink, crimson, and coral
food? Noodles of all kinds!
sport? I don’t keep up with sports other than loving the Miami Hurricanes. Otherwise I like to play volleyball.
animal? Giraffes are the coolest!
music? Electro, dubstep, and downtempo. Oh yeah, and bubblegum pop, haha. I love Britney!
activities? Being a geek on my Mac all day, hanging out on the beach, graphic design, clubbing, traveling, talking to my fans, teaching myself new things
character? Hello Kitty rocks my world. Any cutesy Japanese-y things really.
pornstar? Asa Akira
movie? It’s a tie between Man on Fire and Marie Antoinette!

Last updated 12/31/09!

Kimora Klein
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